Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bio questions?

4. In a woody twig (section of stem), a year’s worth of growth is marked by;

A) The interval between two successive axillary buds

B) The interval between two successive sets of bud scale scars

C). The interval between two successive branches

D) The interval that includes 5 nodes and 6 internodes

E) Twigs grow continuously; thus, it is impossible to determine what region grew

11. In which floral organs does meiosis occur?

A) Sepals

B) Petals

C) Stamens

D) Pistils

E) Both C and D are correct

14. Growth of the pollen tube after pollination is directed by gene expression in which of the following?

A) The tube nucleus

B) The embryo sac

C) The style

D) The sperm

E) The ovule

15. Which of the following would not contribute to water uptake by a plant cell?

A) an increase in the water potential of the surrounding solution

B) a decrease in pressure on the cell exerted by the cell wall

C) the uptake of solutes by the cell

Bio questions?
1. b

2. e

3. b Water flows from an area of high potential to an area of low potential.

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