Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few biology questions I couldnt figure out.?

Which of the following cells would be found in xylem tissue?

A.sieve tube members


C.companion cells

D.guard cells

Where does the process of double fertilization occur in flowering plants?

in the pollen tube

in the stigma

in the central nucleus

in the ovule

The megaspore of a conifer will become _____.

female gametophyte

male gametophyte

male sporophyte

female sporophyte

A flower that has sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils is called a _____ flower.





What is the most likely seed-dispersal mechanism for a walnut?

eaten by animals

catch in animal fur



A few biology questions I couldnt figure out.?




Reply:sieve tubes and companion cells are phloem elements, tracheids are xylem elements, guard cells belong to stomata.

Fertilization, think about it....Where is the egg...the ovule.

Pollen tube is male tissue, stigma is the receptor for the pollen, the central nucleus is in the ovule and is the recipient of only half of the double fertilization event.

Megaspores are female and become eggs, microspores are male and become pollen (regardless of vascular plant species). Gametophytes are haploid (ie pollen and ovule) sporophytes are diploid (usually the adult plant).

Flowers... female have pistils, males have stamens, complete means "contains all floral organs", incomplete means "missing one or more floral organs" (male flowers are missing female organs, female flowers are missing male organs).

Walnuts are heavy (don't fly), have no barbs (for catching in fur), and are not generally found around large bodies of water.

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