Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some flower questions?

i have 6 flower questions, need them by monday night. if you can at least answer one of them the help would be appreciated

1) List the specific places in which the egg and sperm nuclei are found.

2) Of what value to the plant are flowers with colorful petals and sweet odors?

3) What are some of the ways in nature in wich pollen is transferred from anther to pistil?

4) The number of stamens in a flower exceeds the number of pistils. Explain the value of this difference.

5) If an unexpected frost kills the blossoms of a peach tree, the tree may bear no fruit this summer. Explain.

6) Fertilization seems to stimulate the changes which take place in ovules and ovaries. Explain what eventually becomes the ovules and the ovary.

Some flower questions?
1. androecium?

2. colourful petals and sweet odors attract polinators, ensuring fruits will grow.

3. wind pollination; avian pollination; insect pollination.

4. many of the stamens will not produce pollen that will successfully reach the pistil(s), so the more there are, the better the chances?

5. i'm guessing this relates to the consequent lack of pollinators.

6. After being fertilised, the ovary starts to swell and will develop a fruit.

These answers are by no means definitive, and as a novice I can only apologise if they fall short of total accuracy, ad hope that they suffice.

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