Sunday, November 15, 2009

Plant Reproduction?

I have 3 muliple choice questions i need help with

1- In apple blossoms, the function og the stigma is to?

a) form sperm nuclei

b) Pollinate the ovule

c) Produce the pollen

d) Receive the pollen ( I think this is the right answer)

2- Which reproductive structures are produced within the ovaries of plants?

a) Pollen grain

b) Sperm Nuclei

c) Egg nuclei

d) Pollen tubes (I think this is the right answer)

3) Two flowering plants grew in the same yard. Each fruit developed on one plant, but never on the other. A correct explanation for this observation would be that the plant that never produced fruit...

a) Had flowers with stamens only ( I think this could be the answer)

b) Had flowers with pistils only

c) Produced cones

d) Produced Spores

Plant Reproduction?
You get 2 out of three! The correct answer to number 2 is c ... egg nuclei. Egg nucleus is in the ovule inside the ovary; the pollen tube grows down the style and enters the ovule through the micropyle.

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