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“Seed Plant Production”?

Hi, Yahoo! answers; my 8th grade class and I have been talking about and studying the productions of seeds and plants! I doing good so far, but I was wondering could a few people help me to study but answering these questions below so i can take a look over them to help me study for my test tomorrow!!!!! (left science book in desk) ARGHHHHHH :[]

1.) Grows from the pollen grain to the ovule:

The ovary grows from the pollen to the ovule.

2.) Transfer of pollen from stamen to ovules:

produces pollen grains: Sperm.

3). The male reproductive organ of angiosperms:

4). The top of the pistil that catches the pollen grains:

5). A young plant growing within the seed:

6). Provides the energy for a monocot seed to grow:

7. The ways in which seeds get from the flower to the ground for germination:

8. Part of the flower that becomes part of the fruit:

9. A seed that does not germinate for a period of time:

10 Organisms that aid in the pollination of flowers:

11 The female reproductive organ of angiosperms:

12 Part of the flower in which sperm form:

13The early growth of a plant from a seed:

“Seed Plant Production”?
1. Pollen tube grows from pollen grain to the ovule.

(The ovule is in the ovary at the base of the pistil.)

2. Transfer of pollen from the stamen to the female parts = pollination.

The part that produces pollen grains is the anther at the end of the stamen.

3. Male reproductive organ is the anther. (possibly the stamen which is the entire male flower part. Memory trick: staMEN is the male flower part; says MEN right in the word.)

4. Top of the pistil is the stigma - catches pollen. Memory trick. The stigma is sticky to trap the pollen ... sticky stigma.

5. The young plant in the seed is the embryo.

6. The energy for a monocot seed to grow is in the endosperm.

7. Seed dispersal spreads the seeds away from the flower or fruit to the ground somewhere else to grow.

8. The flower part that becomes the fruit is the ovary.

9. A seed that is waiting to germinate is dormant.

10. Organisms that carry pollen are called pollinators.

11. Female flower part is called the pistil.

12. Part of the flower in which sperm form is the pollen.

13. The early growth of the plant from the seed is germination.

Good luck.

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