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Good cheap, household materials to make a model of a flower and its parts out of?

I need to make a model of a flower and its parts (petal, stamen with anther and filament, sepal, ovule, and pistil with stigma, style, and ovary). I tried clay but it didn't work at all. So I need some good cheap household materials and instructions if possible on how to make them. Thanks!

Good cheap, household materials to make a model of a flower and its parts out of?
It can be done and what comes to my mind is a hanger! You know the bendy silver ones. You can make the stem, twist hanger around to shape leaves. Maybe use candel wax to add petals as an effect which will wtick to the hanger once it cools down. While the candel wax is hot - cut green material and place i on the wax which will be the effect of the leaves etc %26amp; work from there. Hope this helps!! :)
Reply:You need some craft glue, cardboard, and pipe cleaners. Bend the pipecleaners into a stem with a substantial amount folded at both ends of the pipecleaner. Glue one end to a peice of cardboard for the bottom of the stem to make the 'ground'. Take another pipe cleaner and bend it into a couple of loops, now squash the loops right next to each other loop to make the petals. If you need to, grab another pipecleaner and twist the end to the end of the other "petals" pipecleaner. When you have something resembling the petals of a flower twist the end of the pipecleaners around each other and fold it underneath the flower petals to make a base which you need to glue onto a piece of cardboard circle. Make the circle around 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Now glue this circle (with the petals attatched) to the bent over end of the 'stem' pipecleaner. Draw a small circle on this cardboard base to represent the ovary. The stamen will be a bit tricky, but if you can find some wire, cut tiny lengths and simply stick them through the cardboard sitting under the petals. Hows that? Goodluck
Reply:Cotton buds could do the anther and filament - five cotton buds and paint them yellow should be easy enough.

Petals could just be card, you might be able to cut up a colourful bottle top if you're feeling adventurous, but I can't think of how to stick it down... hmm, actually, you got any blue tack?

The stem could be a garden stick, you know the little green ones? About 5 mm square rods could be the stem and it should be tough enough to hold up the rest. If you don't have that then just find a green pencil, and again, use blue tack or plasticine to hold it in place.

The sepal could just be green card again, wrapped around your pencil.

The fiddly bit in the middle is harder - may I recommend plasticine? Use different colours to get the ovule and ovary and all that.

Good luck, and have fun!
Reply:Dear Erika,

I think that petals and leaves could be made of paper which you color or paint in appropriate colors. The stem could be of wire wrapped with paper. If you have any of those tiny wires used in telephone connections, they could be used to make the stamen, perhaps with a small wad of tissue at the end. The pistil form would depend on what kind of flower you are making, but a wad of tissue at the bottom, center of the stamens might work.

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Reply:I always liked using candy to build models. Of course it will be a flat 2-D model, buts it would be fun to use things like sprinkles, licorice, crushed up candy... etc

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