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What is the opposite of a hermaphrodite?

I need it really quick for science class tomorrow! The answer is not pistil and stamen! I really bad need to know and what is the term used for plants with only one of the reproductive parts! Please help!

What is the opposite of a hermaphrodite?
Well, if a hermaphodite is both sexes, then the opposite would naturally be something with no sex. Asexual.
Reply:The word HERMAPHRODITE has its roots in the Greek Mythological figures Hermos (Male) and Aphrodite ( female).

In biological language it means an animal or plant having both, male and the female sex organs in one and the same individual. It is just another word for BISEXUAL.

If Hermaphrodite = Bisexual . Then the opposite is Unisexual or Dioecious.

Pronunciation: (hûr-maf'ru-dīt"), [key]


1. an individual in which reproductive organs of both sexes are present. Cf. pseudohermaphrodite.

2. organism, as an earthworm or plant, having normally both the male and female organs of generation.

3. a person or thing in which two opposite qualities are combined.


1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a hermaphrodite.

2. combining two opposite qualities.

3. Bot.monoclinous.




1. A human being, plant or animal that, either normally or abnormally, possesses both male and female reproductive organs, eg the earthworm and many plants.

2. A compound of opposite qualities.


1. Combining the characteristics of both sexes or opposite qualities.

Derivative: hermaphroditic

Belonging to or having characteristics typical of a hermaphrodite.

Combining two opposites.

Derivative: hermaphroditically


Derivative: hermaphroditism


The union of the two sexes in one body.

Etymology: 15c: named after Hermaphroditos, in Greek mythology the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, who grew into one person with the nymph Salmacis.


Hermaphrodite, Hermaphroditos, Hermaphroditus, Hermes, Hermetic, Hermetical, Hermit (Aka: Androgynous / Half and half)

Accepted definition: A person born with both male and female sex organs. This is a vague, confusing and inaccurate definition. There are 3 labels of Hermaphrodites: True, Male pseudo and Female Pseudo. All are equally genuine. The term "hermaphrodite" is derived from the ancient Greek myth of Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite. While bathing, he became united in a single body with a nymph.

Sequential hermaphrodite: The organism is born as one sex and later changes into the other sex.

Protandry: When the organism starts as a male, and changes sex to a female later in life. Example: The seabasses (Family Serranidae). These are a highly sought food fish complex made up of primarily groupers. Since even a small male can produce more than enough sperm to fertilize a huge number of eggs, while a female's egg output increases greatly with an increase in size, this strategy makes sense for an organism (fishes in general) where over 99% of the eggs laid will not result in a fish that reaches sexual maturity. It has been shown that fishing pressure actually is causing a change in when the switch from male to female occurs, since fishermen naturally prefer to catch the larger fishes. The populations are generally changing sex at a smaller size, due to natural selection.

Protogyny: When the organism starts as a female, and changes sex to a male later in life. Example: Wrasses (Family Labridae) are reef fishes that tend to have three distinct sexual types. Small females, immature males and supermales. The small females and the immature males have identical colorations. The supermale is usually brightly colored, and there is only one in a given area of the reef. This supermale dominates the other wrasses of the species, having the choice of females to mate with. When the supermale dies, the largest wrasse in the area, male or female, becomes the new supermale.

'Simultaneous hermaphrodite: The organism has both male and female sexual organs at the same time as an adult. Usually, self-fertilization does not occur. Also called synchronous hermaphrodites.' Examples: Earthworms. Hamlets (Family Haemulidae) are a type of fish that are curious for many reasons, including that they seem to be evolving into different species quite rapidly. Unlike other fishes, hamlets seem quite at ease mating in front of divers, allowing observations in the wild to occur readily. They do not practice self fertilization, but when they find a mate, the pair takes turns between which one acts as the male, and which acts as the female, through multiple matings, usually over several nights --- wikipedia


A person born with both ovary and testicular tissue, this could be 2 seperate gonads ( one of each) or a combination of both in one (an ovotestes). The genitalia can vary from completely male or female, to a combination of both or even ambiguous looking. The chromosome (karotype) compliment can be XX (female), XY (male), XX/XY (mosiac) or even XO (extremely rare). Those XX with female genitalia are raised female ( some have even given birth). Those XY with male genitalia are raised male ( a few have fathered children). The children born XX/XY or XO (with genitalia male or female are raised in the sex they look most like) ,Those born with ambiguous genitalia have many medical tests for the doctors to determine which sex they should be assigned. Doctors then recommend early surgery to make the child look physically like the sex assigned to them.


The causes are not known, The medical community does know this is a very rare condition but do not have accurate figures to how many people have this condition (depending on the literature between 350-450 known cases).


A person born XX with normal female internal organs but with "masculanized" genitalia. They can appear more male then female or a combination of each.


The most common is Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) it occurs approximately 1:14,000 births.This is when the adrenal glands overproduce testosterone. It also has been recorded that some persons with this disorder had been exposed to progesterone-like drugs before they were born.


A person born XY with testes (usually in the abdominal cavity). The external genitalia are usually female but can be ambiguous.

(An intersexual is a person with genitalia of indeterminate sex, or which combine features of both sexes. Intersexuals include both "true hermaphrodites", those with equally male and female genitals, and "pseudo-hermaphrodites", those with genitals which are closer to one sex or the other, while combining features of both; but many dislike these terms as being overly medical. It is estimated [1] that perhaps 1.7 percent of live births are actually intersexual. -wikipedia)


The most common cause is Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). This is when the body doesn't respond to the androgen being produced. There are different variations: Complete (CAIS) , and Partial (PAIS). This condition has a variety of names and occurance rates..


By Bijal P. Trivedi

National Geographic Today

April 16, 2002

Atrazine, a top selling weed killer in the United States and the world, has been found to dramatically affect the sexual development of male frogs, turning them into hermaphrodites -creatures with both male and female organs- at concentrations 30 times lower than those deemed safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"What struck us as unbelievable was that atrazine could cause such dramatic effects at such low levels," says Tyrone Hayes, an associate professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, who led the frog study.

"If you take five grains of salt, divide this weight by five thousand, that is the amount of atrazine that causes these abnormalities," added Hayes.

The EPA has set the limit for atrazine contamination for drinking water at 3 parts per billion (ppb). Hayes' and his colleagues found that concentrations of 0.1 ppb caused abnormalities.

The scientists exposed tadpoles of the African clawed frog, a popular research organism, to atrazine at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppb. When the tadpoles reached adulthood, Hayes found that between 16 and 20 percent had abnormal reproductive systems.

"Some had three ovaries and three testes, some had ovaries on one side and testes on the other, one animal even had six testes," says Hayes. The male voice box also shrunk, resembling the female version. And, when males were exposed to levels as high as 25 ppb of atrazine, the frogs showed a ten-fold decrease in testosterone levels.

Based on work done in other laboratories, Hayes' team suspects that atrazine feminizes the frogs by increasing production of an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.

These results are published in the April 16 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

All kinds of stress induce plants to become hermaphrodites. These include irregular light cycle, water stress, and some chemicals. Hermaphroditism is also a genetic trait that indicates even without stress. --- Ed Rosenthal

First 'test tube hermaphrodite' reported

January 18, 1998

Web posted at: 10:59 a.m. EDT (1059 GMT)

ATLANTA (CNN) -- The odds of a human being naturally having both male and female sexual characteristics are slim, both in the general population and for so-called "test tube babies" conceived through in vitro fertilization. In fact, in 20 years of in vitro fertilization, it has never happened -- until now.

In the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Scottish researchers reported the first known case of a hermaphrodite found in an in vitro fertilization.

The researchers say couples using the process should be warned of this possible outcome, though it is unlikely to happen to them.

More than 100,000 babies have been born through IVF since Louise Brown, the world's first test tube baby, was born in 1978.

The hermaphrodite case, the only one of those thousands to develop this irregularity during conception, arose due to an error in the fertilization. During the IVF process, a male embryo, with an x and y chromosome, and a female embryo, with two x chromosomes, fused.

"In combination, the genetics or chromosomes were mixed to become one fetus," explained Dr. Dorothy Mitchell-Leef, a reproductive biology associate, who says the true hermaphrodite condition is found in nature "maybe one in every 25,000 deliveries."

The condition is not life-threatening. It can be surgically corrected

Is hermaphrodite a proof of evolution?

Hermaphrodites do not have any new information, but in humans are the result of an abnormality in embryonic development. Human embryos are sexually dimorphic at first (i.e. contain characteristics of both sexes), because they all have basically the same genetic information, and this information is expressed as efficiently as possible as the embryo develops. This is design economy. For example, in all human embryos, at first both the müllerian duct system (female) and the wolffian duct system (male) develop, because both sexes have the genetic information for these structures. Incidentally, this refutes the urban myth that human embryos 'start off female'. The subsequent differences are the result of designed chemical signals that control the expression of the information. E.g., a gene set usually found on the Y chromosome controls the levels of testosterone and dihydroxytestosterone (DHT) secretion. Above a certain level, these hormones suppress the development of the müllerian duct system and promote the wolffian duct system, so the embryo takes on masculine characteristics. Below a certain hormone level, the opposite happens, and the embryo takes on female characteristics. But if for some reason the genetic information for one sex or the other is not switched off, then a hermaphrodite results. This hasn't the slightest thing to do with evolution from goo to you via the zoo.

In short, the hermaphroditic state arises because of a defect in development. Such defects happen in our fallen world. It does not involve any new genetic information, so it has nothing to do with Evolution. A lesson is: if readers are faced with a 'proof' of evolution, just ask whether any new genetic information arises, i.e. whether it really has anything to do with real molecules to man evolution, and how this 'proof' refutes the Biblical creation framework. -((Dr) Jonathan Sarfati Research scientist, author and editorial consultant AiG (Australia))


I find it kind of strange with all the advance technologies that we posses that we can't seem to find to cause of hermaphrodites existence. Yet in plants and other animals it is so easy. Plus, when it occurred in the test tube humans we could account for it. I don't buy it.

They are two train of thought:

One, from the above statements from leading sources, a chemical imbalance had been found in the plant/animal cases. Therefore, it could be a chemical 'mis-up' in our environment, through fertilizers, processed food etc and even tracing back to the dawn of man since we begun to progress. Progression usually has drawbacks too. Continue eating those microwave dinner and see if you don't develop some abnormalities. And it doesn't take much progression too; remember what Hayes said about the animals, "If you take five grains of salt, divide this weight by five thousand, that is the amount of atrazine that causes these abnormalities." Ed Rosenthal also said, 'All kinds of stress induce plants to become hermaphrodites. These include irregular light cycle, water stress, and some chemicals. Hermaphroditism is also a genetic trait that indicates even without stress.' Many of these spin offs of progression could be the factor as seen in the plants and animals; and though the number of hermaphrodites reported are low, I believe they are many more who are afraid to let it known.

Two, which is the side I'm more leaning to for present times, it could be a deliberate action to mock God, discredit his word, advocate homosexuality and help provide the catalyst for the new age (do what thou will.). When I was speaking to someone in a cyber group on transgendering after she was cornered, see exclaimed, 'what about hermaphrodites, God made mistake [haha, because that's not in his book - bible].' From this I could see the underline agenda satan's plot. Similar to when an incurable STD's was deliberately injected into black males in Los Angeles; which Bill Clinton, president at the time, openly apologized. No one would have known it was deliberate if it wasn't exposed. They would have thought the 'good-for-nothing' black males are so promiscuousand irresponsible with their sexuality.

Do you know what they will be able to do because of the completion of the genetic mapping? You can literally have a custom made baby the natural way. Choose the color of the hair, skin etc and more other remarkable things. Imagine an Afro-American baby born with green or purple hair. We will see what is called in X-men, mutants, as scientists continue to play God. One could then put these and the current cases hermaphrodites under the category, "man shall do great things".

Therefore, hermaphrodites could be results of our ever advancing chemical achievements and/or the deviant scientific minds that couldn't resist to experiment. These abnormalities are not rare, scientist have being doing these thing in secret for years. I could show you pictures of many abnormalies in the world and many are due to scientific involvement and the rest to demonic intervention; things you wouldn't begin to believe.

I could go on with this, but since the number of hermaphrodites are growing, and they're been notice, I think it wise not to uncover other truths. They are human beings too and my suggestion to any is that you choose the sex that you are more incline to, have a corrective surgery to that end, then live your normal life. The stances that God has on any human being are the same stance he has for hermaphrodites. Homosexuality is still homosexuality, transgendering is still transgendering, fornication is still fornication and sin is sin across the boards; once you have the capacity to think and reason (intelligence). After you've made the decision to be a man/woman continue in that path, though many change later, reason being that choice was made for them at birth or as a child.

But if this choice was made by you given all factors involved, then stick with it and don't plan to do anything God does approve of. It's kind of a complex situation. But they're still humans and should still be born again. God loves them and he still cares for them and wants them to be save as well. Sex doesn't really matter in the new kingdom (heaven) for the scripture teaches us that in this new kingdom there is neither male nor female. Therefore, though you might be abnormal physically, your soul is not and it must be accounted for. God is more concern with your heart and that it be inclined to him. If you're a hermaphrodite, don't follow 'some' who go about being transvestives, posing for porn movies or any such thing. Don't use your situation to justify sinning. For instance, you choose to be a man by all factors involved, but later on you decide you want to sleep with a man and have anal sex. To support this you would use the 'herms card' to justify it because you have a femining side. No! That's sin and the consequences you will reap [the same can be said about cross dressing or unwed sexual activities]. If I felt like robbing the national bank, being that my father was an ardent thief, do I use genetics to justify 'wiping out' the national reserve? Saying, "I have a theifing genetic make up so it's okay, besides I'm destitute and an ex-vietnam soldier." No! I'll be punished by God and man.

If you're a hermaphrodite, God loves you, he wants you to be saved and like any human being, anyone who is not shall inherit an unhappy eternity.
Reply:Ther is no oppsite
Reply:I'd guess..."Asexual"?
Reply:Anil is right -- unisexual. Dioecious plants have only one sex (dioecious is from the Greek meaning 2 houses -- separate plant for each sex).
Reply:A diecious species
Reply:totally sexless,hermaphrodite has everything
Reply:Not sure that there has been a person born with neither sexual organs. I will have to Google that.
Reply:my sister
Reply:male and female (separately)
Reply:someone with no sex organs
Reply:how can it monocot lordazzo13?

nor monoecious- it means male and female flower groeing on same plant.

it is unisexual for sure which means having only type of flower.
Reply:asexual or nonsexual,

a·sex·u·al Pronunciation (-sksh-l)


1. Having no evident sex or sex organs; sexless.

2. Relating to, produced by, or involving reproduction that occurs without the union of male and female gametes, as in binary fission or budding.

3. Lacking interest in or desire for sex.

a·sexu·ali·ty (-l-t) n.

a·sexu·al·ly adv.

Adj.1.nonsexual - not havning or involving sex; "an asexual spore"; "asexual reproduction"


But. as for a true antonym it does not have one. This may be a trick question by your teacher.
Reply:Monocot (monocotyledonous)

A cotyledon is a significant part of the embryo within the seed of a plant. Upon germination, the cotyledon usually becomes the embryonic first leaves of a seedling. The number of cotyledons present is one characteristic used by botanists to classify the flowering plants. Species with one cotyledon are called monocotyledonous (or, "monocots") and placed in the Class Liliopsida. Plants with two embryonic leaves are termed dicotyledonous (dicots) and placed in the Class Magnoliopsida.
Reply:Gender Neutral
Reply:i`m sorry don`t have the answer but is not asexual asexual- lackingsex orfunctional sex organs
Reply:hermaphrodite has both the opp would have to be asexual......
Reply:a unich...sorry asexual for fauna
Reply:A hermaphrodite is a person who has both sets of gonads testes and ovaries, so the "opposite" would be someone who has one set or a male or female. Sorry I only know people not plants.

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