Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the name of a deep orange flower with purple pistils?

The flower was growing in my backyard. It has a touch of purple at the base of each petal. The stem is thick and has hairs on it. The leaves have some fines hairs on them and they also have little needles at the end of each section. I assume it is to protect it from being eaten by bugs or animals.

What is the name of a deep orange flower with purple pistils?
It does sound like a poppy but it would help if you described the flower shape %26amp; leaf shape. Poppies have very distinct flower shape, the leaves are tissue thin, the seed head forms an inverted cone with a "hat", and the buds are very fat and egg shaped.

If it is a poppy as everyone seems to think then this website should have a picture.
Reply:sounds like a species of lily - we have them here in australia, but sorry, I don't know what they're called
Reply:HI, I think poppy is correct. But, I am not going to try to answer your question, I am going to advise that you also describe leaf and flower SHAPE!!! That is very important, also the general area of what country and climate you like in! I guarantee you will get better answers! Woogha/Bugsie
Reply:it could be a poppy, i have some in my yard, and they look like what you descirbe.
Reply:Oriental Poppies- they are a perrenial plant and are quite hardy. Stems exude a milky substance when cut that is an irritant. Because of this substance the flowers don't work well for cut flowers.

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