Monday, May 11, 2009

Biology questions?

1. Nutrient processing is a _____ process.

a) generative

b) control

c) metabolic

d) responsive

2. Which of the following cellular organelles is responsible for providing ATP energy for the cell?

a) mitochondria

b) Golgi apparatus

c) ribosomes

d) centrioles (sorry if it's wrong, i guess the ink messed up)

3. Protons = 7, neutrons = 10, electrons = 7. The mass number of this atom is:

a) seventeen

b) fourteen

c) seven

d) ten

4. The sex organ in plants that produces the male gamete is called the:

a) autosome

b) anther

c) testes

d) pistil

5. Science is:

a) a body of information gathered about nature in the last 2,000 years.

b) distinguished from nonscientific areas of study by the way information is gathered.

c) able to supply solutions to most human problems

d) always correct.

6. Astronomy and astrology are different in that:

a) astronomy does not make predictions

b) astronomy does not form rules

c) astrology dos not use facts

d) astrology does not test its rules

thank you all!!

Biology questions?
heeey is this a take home quiz or homework or something? cuz if it is, then just figure it out for yourself instead of asking other people for all the answers
Reply:1-c 2-a 3a 4b 5b 6c
Reply:1) A

2) A

3) A (M=n+p)

4) B

5) B

6) C

I'd like to think you were rally stuck and not just looking for easy answers. This is really basic stuff.

Good Luck!
Reply:oh gawd it's 2:34am

I can't read straight, nevermind think straight!
Reply:Sorry - do your own homework!!

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