Monday, May 11, 2009

I need tips for rainbow six: vegas for xbox 360 (guns)?

i had a machine gun, i kept on using it and it said it was out of ammo. i have to use my pistil now which is not good when it comes to shooting terrorists with machine guns. when i kill a terrorist and press "Y" to get their gun, i pick it up, i use it but theirs is out of ammo. so it goes right back to my pistil. any tips that can help me out?

I need tips for rainbow six: vegas for xbox 360 (guns)?
what you have is a TOY.

it is NOT a thing that a reasonable person, would have even the slightest idea, that it could be used for hunting, unless you would be throwing it at whatever you might be hunting
Reply:if ur playing live then ur connection is probably messed up. if ur just playing campaign or terr. hunt then ur disk is scratched or ur x button is not working
Reply:y is this in the hunting section when it should be in the gaming section
Reply:reload. look in the settings of the game to find the key binging for 'reload'. But it will only reload if you brought spare ammo with you.

PS. you asked this question in the hunting section, it would be much better in the gaming section
Reply:buy call of duty 4 and this is definitly the wrong forum lol

post it in the video games section
Reply:Wrong forum. go to games.

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