Monday, May 11, 2009

I have a 12-18 inch flower with hairy leaves.?

The flowers resemble a delicate buttercup, have yellow central pistil areas. The petals fall off every afternoon and new flowers appear the next morning. What is the name of this flower?

I have a 12-18 inch flower with hairy leaves.?
Is it perhaps a type of Oenothera? There are a lot of yellow ones in the group (ie: Oenothera fruticosa, O. tetragona, O. erythrosepala...) and the flowers only last one day.
Reply:I believe you may have the same flower I have been trying to identify - and found this information listed at the source cite below. The picture doesn't quite fit, but they are 12-18 tall, very hairy leaves and the pods are clustered at the top of the plant. Apparently called Evening Primrose. Mine are yellow - but there are other colors available.
Reply:I think we badly need to see a photo.

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