Monday, May 11, 2009

Can anyone help me with science homwork? (botany)?

Ok so I need to write a story about "me" from a plant's point of view, and I need to include vocab words, and I did the easy once but I don't know how to use words like xylem, pollination, gymnosperms, phloem, stamen, anthler, fertilization, angiosperm, pistil, stigma, glucose, and germination. Any ideas? At least 3 ideas will get me wriing again. Please help me.

Can anyone help me with science homwork? (botany)?
I'm an angiosperm, so I'm trying to produce flowers with stigmas, pistils, anthers, and stamens in the hopes that I will attract a pollinator and get fertilized, and also pass my pollen on to other flowers.

Because of my flowers, I'm so much prettier than those gymnosperms.

Hope the sun comes out soon, I can't wait to photosynthesize and make some more glucose! ;)

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