Monday, May 11, 2009

Can someone please help me identify this plant?!?

my mom got this plant for mothers day and i have absolutely no idea what it is and if i don't find out soon it might die. I have a picture if it will help but it has bamboo around it, and the petels of the plant are thick and red, and the pistil is a long thick yellow cone thing. There are a whole lot more parts to it that look weird and i can barely describe but it will be a great help if someone could help me!

Can someone please help me identify this plant?!?
Maybe its a daisy or a petunia, or a lilly, or a dahlia, or a begonia, or a sunflower.
Reply:Go to the library and ask for the following books from the reference part. One is a hefty tomb so you don't want to carry it far.

RHS Encyclopedae of Garden plants. (The hefty tomb ) and The house plant expert ( Small and the new one is in two parts). Try for ....Anthurium. if you are unluck you will have to keep looking. Theres only a select few plants that make it to mothers day present status so they will be easy to find as Mums need advice as well, after all they need to look after the precious plant so gracesously given don't they. Ask you Aunty as she will had somthing similar in the past. If all fails ask your teacher she will know where to look that what she is there for.
Reply:can u show me the picture?

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