Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Questions!?

A benefit of hydroponics is that it

*creates insect-resistant crops.

*saves money.

*enables crops to grow in areas with poor soil.

*reduces the use of fertilizer.

Germination will not happen unless a seed

*absorbs water.

*uses its stored food.

*is dispersed far from the plant that produced it.

*grows stamens and a pistil.

Two Questions!?
Seeds absorb water in pre-germination stage. Seeds need both air and water to have a good germination rate. As seeds receive less water their germination rate goes down.

Hydroponics allows crop to be grown anywhere irregardless of the soil qualities.

While it does not eliminate the fertilizer use it uses no more than is needed with the ability to filter and reuse the nutrient solutions for potted plants. There should be no run off loss into the surrounding environment. It is a more efficient use of nutrients as compared to farming. There are several ways to grow hydroponically depending on the specific plant's requirements so high value small crops can be grown.

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